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The High Distinction Project

Sunday, 26 March 2017 @ 10:35 | 0 Comment [s]

Selama ni aku kerja fikir nak berubah je.
Lepas tu kerja fikir mashaAllah susah nya nak berubah.
Sama gak macam study aku ni.
Aku asyik fikir medic ni susah dan aku tak ada cukup ability untuk excel.
Bukan low lagi. Tapi zero confident level.


Patah tangan ni paksa aku untuk belajar dari zero.
Kena belajar balik macam mana nak genggam tangan.
Nak kuat kan balik tangan ni.
Believe me, I can barely make a fist before.
But i won't give up. I can see myself making progresses from time to time.

Patah tangan ni paksa aku terima hakikat yang damage has been done.
And you can do nothing about it.
Believe me, I felt more depressed than what I showed outside.
Tak bermaksud aku ada clinical depression. Hahaha
Tapi awal2 hari tu memang frust habis.
And I'm glad that I got 6 weeks of MC.
Kalau tak dapat MC pun aku tak rasa aku boleh study dengan frust tak boleh fully function nya.

After several weeks of holiday,
Sekarang ni aku rasa
Hey it is totally okay to cry.
Feel the sadness! Feel it!
It is OKAY to be sad, to be down.
It is okay to take a break.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Siapa lagi yang nak manja kan kita kalau bukan diri sendiri.
Try to accept yourself for who you are.
Like really. Don't be too hard on yourself.

If you feel that you're not good enough. Accept it.
Then start to be better. From zero.
It is okay to be slow.
Better late than never.
Pedulikan kata-kata tahi yang sentiasa tolak kau untuk jadi laju.
Yang kata kau ketinggalan sebab you are just not good enough.
Hey, we are our own babies.
We have our own pace!
One step at a time!

Just accept yourself for who you are.
Don't look at other people. Look at you!
Give all the attention to yourself.
Start to be better. One step at a time.
At least you are making progresses.
Set a goal. Work yourself through it.
Put some discipline. I think you are going to be alright.

And again.
Do not compare yourself to other people.
Give your full attention to yourself.
Let them be in front of you.
Even Trump is being compared to Obama.
Did he cares? No. He don't give a damn.
Even though everyone knows he is not the best.
But fuck it, he has no time to be wasted to impress everyone.

So yeah, thats pretty much it.

Even though I know that the journey is not going to be smooth.
The road may be too slippery and there will be holes here and there,
that will make me fall every time.
I hope that I'll stay strong till the end.
And I hereby announce The High Distinction Project!
Slogan dia "Impress No One, One Step At a Time"

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